Hello and Welcome!

The Social Informatics Blog was born from a series intense discussions between PhD students from various departments and schools of Indiana University, researchers with an interest in Social Informatics. The hope of the blog is to show interested scholars and those who stumble across this site what we do and study in Social Informatics (SI), a new and evolving area of study at the intersections of technology, information, and media as well as countless other paths of research.

Instead of simply “advertising” about SI and show the work that has been already done by those who have come before, we see the Social Informatics Blog as meeting place to share our own studies and ideas with society, so anyone can participate by sending any sort of feedback. It’s an ongoing conversation, and we hope you take part, too.

Every week, there will be at least one study / idea posted on the Blog, and everyone else is invited to join in by sending their comments, thoughts, and ideas. We will also announce conferences, call for papers, workshops and so on that address themes related to Social Informatics.

For scholars and interested readers, the SIBlog has a special section: Related Bibliography, where we will be adding relevant publications as our interests evolve. You may also suggest unlisted papers, books, and articles that you’ve found useful in the field.

Take a moment to get to know the authors, and thanks for stopping by!