The West: Online Game Review

The West is a unique look at the wild west; focusing on work, towns, and gunfights. All the characters in the game start with exactly the same skills and abilities. You move around the map in the game by clicking on a job and choosing to do that job. For finishing a job, you gain money, experience and sometimes an item that you can sell or use. As you gain experience in the game, you gain levels and points to improve your character. Once you have gathered enough money, you can build a town. If you do not want to build a town, you can always join someone else’s town.
Being in a town allows you to rest but only if a hotel has been built. You can buy things at a discount if you have stores in your town. Once a mortuary has been built, you can fight other players by dueling them. This gains you money and experience. It will also make you some enemies since no one likes to be robbed. The duels go into a scene showing the hits, misses, and damage accumulated by both players.

There are missions that you can go on that the friendly people in the tavern will ask you to help them with. These range from something as simple as picking a crop or fighting a bad guy, to a multi-task adventure which requires you to do many things needing varied skills. Eventually, when your town has been built up adequately, you can build a fort. This has benefits that that help you and your town.

As your character develops in The West, new tasks will open up allowing more money to be made, more experience to be gained and better items to be found. One of the best features of the game is the fact that your inventory is unlimited. This enables you to customize your character using items that enhance your skills. By changing these items around, you can do other quests. Without this ability you would be limited to keeping items that help you in the original skills you focused on.

The West is a free game, but you can buy gold nuggets which allow you to get in-game benefits. The West is a “click on a task and wait” for the results game. This is a great feature for those of us who have to work or be away from the game for long periods of time. However, it makes you impatient for things to get accomplished when you do have the time to play. All in all, I recommend The West for people who have patience or like to multitask.